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Before Your Visit

The laser eye procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure at our centre in Melville. You will be with us for approximately for 1-2 hours. You will have some oral sedation and analgesia and will need someone to drive you home and to bring you back again the next morning.

The LASIK procedure itself takes about 20 minutes for both eyes and is performed using local anaesthetic eye-drops. You will be lying comfortably on a bed during the procedure and the surgeon will talk you through each step. Flaps are prepared in both eyes using the Femtosecond laser, then the Excimer laser is used to correct your vision.

The laser correction takes between 15 and 30 seconds. You will need to be able to lie quite still and keep your eye steady while looking at a target light for this part of the procedure. The laser has an inbuilt eye tracker to monitor your eye movements and can stop the laser if too much movement is detected.

What you need to know:

Contact lenses

Contact lenses need to be left out prior to your surgery or appointments prior to surgery to allow your eye to return to its natural shape;

Soft contacts: minimum 1 week, or as advised
Hard contacts: minimum 1 month
Ortho K lenses: minimum 3 months


Please ensure NONE of the following are worn on the day of surgery:

Any makeup, particularly eye make-up (Non-tinted moisturiser is allowed)
Eye makeup should not be worn for a minimum of 1 month after surgery
Perfume or cologne or aftershave
Hair spray or gel


Do not drive after the procedure. We also recommend you do not drive until you have attended your post operative appointment the next day.


A mild relaxant will be given to you prior to surgery. Please advise the nurse if you have any changes in medication since your consultation with the Surgeon.


Fasting is not required prior to surgery. In fact it is better to ensure you have had a light meal/snack prior to attending your surgery so you are comfortable.


Comfortable clothing is suggested on the day of surgery. You may also like to bring something warm to wear due to the cool temperature of the theatre.