Most people require two days off work: the day of surgery and the day after. A medical certificate can be provided. Some people may require longer, depending on their occupation.

You can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable with your vision. It may take some time, (a few weeks) to feel completely comfortable with prolonged reading or computer use. Excessive computer work or near work, especially in air-conditioning, may make your eyes more sensitive. You may find that you tire more quickly, or cannot concentrate for as long as usual, while you are getting used to the changes in vision. Dusty or dirty environments should be avoided for at least one week to allow the eyes time to heal and reduce the risk of infection.

What should I do immediately after surgery?

Your eyes will be gritty and irritable and very sensitive to light for several hours afterwards. They usually water a lot. Rest with your eyes closed. Sleeping after the procedure will help the eyes to heal. Clear plastic shields will be placed over the eyes for protection. These must stay in place until they are removed by the clinical staff at your appointment the following day. You will need to wear these at night for a further 2 nights to prevent rubbing of the eyes during sleep. During the day wearing sunglasses will be beneficial. Your vision will start to clear within 6 hours after the procedure. Keep water out of your eyes in the first week after surgery.

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