Laser Eye Surgery Cost Perth

  • We can help find the most suitable avenue for financing.
  • Schedule an assessment for an accurate quote.
  • Finance through participating health funds.

Funding the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Perth from less than $50 a Week!

If your vision isn’t as good as it could be, you may want to undergo laser eye surgery to correct this. However, when making this decision, you may find yourself hesitating at the price. Although laser eye surgery costs in Perth can seem expensive, in the long-term it will save you thousands of dollars. This investment can greatly improve not only your vision, but also your lifestyle.

Please remember cheaply priced surgery often means more painful and poorer outcomes. The multi-million-dollar laser equipment at WA Laser Eye Centre is there to protect your most precious asset – your sight.

If you’re eligible, it’s essential to ensure that you’re aware of all the financial costs and risks associated with laser eye surgery in Perth. At WA Laser Eye Centre, we want to make sure you know exactly how much this procedure will cost you from day one, which is why we Bulk Bill all initial consultations for patients with a valid referral letter. (Please note, cataract and general ophthalmology patients will require a letter of referral and will be charged for the appointment).

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Can I Afford the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Perth?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions: can I afford laser eye surgery? You may be surprised to know that our LASIK eye surgery in Perth can actually cost far less than what you may expect. Depending on your requirements, our team can assist you with finding the most suitable avenue for financing.

As every eye is unique, it can be difficult to determine the extent of your surgery requirements. At WA Laser Eye Centre, our prices vary based on the type of procedure you require, which is why we strongly recommend coming in to see our team for an initial consultation. We would gladly schedule your assessment and provide you with the most accurate quote for your surgery.

Participating Health Funds

If the cost of laser eye surgery is a concern for you, some health funds such as Bupa, HBF and Police Health may pay a proportion of the costs or the whole amount of your laser eye surgery fees. You would need to enquire with your health fund about the level of assistance they can provide prior to surgery to confirm this. To learn more about financing laser and LASIK eye surgery and the associated costs in Perth through participating health funds, please click here.

Interest Free and Other Finance Options

If you would like assistance financing the cost of your laser eye surgery in Perth including our interest free plans, contact us today for more information.

Our LASIK eye surgery costs cover:

  • Procedure cost.
  • Post-operative check.
  • First follow up appointment after surgery.


  1. Laser eye surgery costs and prices are subject to change without notice
  2. Cataract and general ophthalmology patients require a referral letter as there will be charges for appointment consultations.
  3. All refractive surgery is to be paid for prior to surgery.

We Accept the Following Payment Types:

  • Bank Cheque
  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Deposit

Don’t Let the Costs of Laser Eye Surgery Hold You Back from a Clearer Future!

At WA Laser Eye Centre, we understand that this is an exciting time in your life. The benefits of choosing to invest in laser eye surgery in Perth can greatly outweigh the initial financial costs. To ensure peace of mind, we provide all prices upfront and offer multiple finance options to suit your needs. Speak to our friendly team at your next appointment to discuss finance options.