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About WA Laser Eye Centre

Our Perth Eye Clinic

Conveniently located in both Nedlands and Melville, WA Laser Eye Centre is a premier refractive laser eye clinic in Perth led by principal surgeon, Dr Robert Paul. In addition to being awarded the Helen Jane Lamard Prize for being the best in surgery in 1992, Dr Paul has extensive experience in a wide range of laser eye procedures, and has performed thousands of surgeries including the first bladeless cataract operation in Perth.

Laser eye surgery has helped millions of people say ‘goodbye’ to glasses and ‘hello’ to a whole new world. Here at WA Laser Eye Centre, we’re one of the few eye clinics in Perth and around Australia who have the advanced technology, specialised medical knowledge and dedicated staff required to produce impressive surgical results. In fact, we assist people every day from all corners of the globe in regaining not only their eyesight, but also the glasses-free lifestyle they’ve only dreamed of.

Our Technology & Laser Eye Surgery

At WA Laser Eye Centre, we offer the most advanced techniques available in laser and refractive surgery in Australia. We’re proud of our achievements, as not many centres can claim they were the first clinic in The Southern Hemisphere to use the fastest laser system in the world – the Wavelight EX500. Our Perth eye clinic specialises in laser and corrective surgeries including LASIK, SMILE and PRK, as well as Multifocal and Refractive Intraocular Lens Implants to correct short-sightedness (Myopia), long-sightedness (Hyperopia) and astigmatism.

We also provide the latest in laser assisted cataract surgery, using the innovative femtosecond laser. The role of femtosecond lasers in cataract surgery is to assist or replace several aspects of the manual cataract surgery. The accuracy, precision and visual outcome of cataract surgery is significantly enhanced with this new technology. In fact, Dr Robert Paul was the first surgeon in WA to perform this effective, bladeless treatment. To learn more about the advanced suite of technology fitted at our Perth eye clinic, please click here.

About Our Principal Surgeon Dr Robert Paul MBBS FRANZCO

Dr Robert PaulDr Paul is the Medical Director & Principal Surgeon at WA Laser Eye Centre. He is not only one of Perth’s most experienced & qualified refractive surgeons, but he also has an impressive medical resume. He was the first to perform live surgery at an international meeting, the first surgeon in WA to have formal higher training in Laser Eye Surgery, and he was also the first surgeon to perform the Intralase (Bladeless) procedure at St John of God Murdoch. Dr Paul was also the first surgeon to insert approved Phakic Intraocular lenses. His particular skills and experience in this field has lead him to becoming an examiner of Australian Eye Surgeons.

Awards & Credits

  • Awarded the Helen Jane Lamard Prize by the University of Western Australia for being the best in surgery in 1992.
  • He was an examiner of Canadian Ophthalmologists and Western Australian medical students.
  • He trained eye surgeons as an Ophthalmology Consultant at Fremantle Hospital 2002 -2007
  • He is a mentor for Fellowship training in laser refractive surgery.
  • He is the Treasurer of the WA Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO).
  • He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of NSW.

Why Choose WA Laser Eye Centre?

In addition to a dedicated, caring and experienced team of eye surgery consultants, you can have peace of mind knowing WA Laser Eye Centre were the first clinic to:

  • Perform the bladeless Intralase LASIK technique South of The River.
  • Perform live cataract surgery at an international meeting.
  • Perform the first bladeless laser cataract operation in Perth.
  • Insert the KAMRA corneal inlay for reading difficulties.
  • Insert the new Symfony lens to remove dependency on reading glasses

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98% of people who visit our eye clinic in Perth leave with 20/20 vision. If you want a lifestyle independent of glasses or contact lenses and are considering laser vision correction and laser eye surgery, please contact our friendly team of eye surgery consultants at WA Laser Eye Centre to schedule a FREE initial consultation. Our staff are more than happy to discuss your treatment options with you and answer any questions you may have.