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You’re in the best hands with Dr Robert Paul at WA LASER Eye Centre

WA Laser Eye Centre is Perth’s premier refractive laser eye surgery centre. With branches at Nedlands and Melville for your consultation, you will be cared for by our professional staff, and the centre’s principal surgeon, Dr Robert Paul.

Dr Rob Paul was the first Fellowship trained LASIK laser eye surgeon in Perth. For over 20 years Laser Eye Surgery has helped 22 million people achieve visual freedom.  He is one of Australia’s most respected Laser Surgeons training others to perform the surgery.
We are experts in the Perth laser and refractive surgery arena and our Centre offers the most advanced techniques available to correct short-sightedness (Myopia), long-sightedness (Hyperopia), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (age-related need for reading glasses).

All laser treatments at our centre are 100% blade-free. We perform Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, PRK surgery , Implantable Contact Lens Surgery, Artisan/Verisyse phakic lens surgery, Lens replacement surgery with Multifocal implants as well as the revolutionary new Laser Cataract Surgery. If you wear reading glasses ask about our LASIK MD procedure.

Why choose WA Laser Eye Centre?

WA Laser Eye Centre takes pride in being a leader in the field of refractive surgery with one of the most experienced and highly professional teams in the country. With a commitment to providing the highest quality care using the latest and safest refractive techniques, our team is dedicated to ensure the most superior outcome for each person. Being able to provide a variety of treatment solutions means that some individuals who were previously not suitable for laser eye surgery may now be able to have vision correction. Only Corneal Specialist surgeons work at WA Laser Eye Centre and this ensures the best results.

WA Laser Eye Centre has a perfect record of patients achieving the driving standard. 98% of patients achieve 20/20 the day after the surgery. We are the only major Laser centre in Perth that offers a lifetime of free Laser retreatments in the very unlikely situation where the laser correction undergoes regression. It is reassuring that our surgeons have 25 to 30 more years of practice ahead of them.

Using the fastest Laser Eye Surgery suite in the world, LASIK in Perth has never been easier with a painless and safe treatment that’s completed in seconds. With over 15 years experience performing Laser Eye Surgery in Perth we are one of the highest volume Laser Centres in Australia. Approximately 40 cases a week of Laser and Lens surgery is performed in our Perth Laser Vision centres. We also were the first in The Southern Hemisphere to use the fastest Laser system in the world …the Wavelight EX500.

Other firsts at WA Laser Eye Centre:

  • Performing the bladeless Intralase Lasik technique South of The River
  • Performing Live Cataract Surgery at an International Meeting
  • Performing the first Bladeless Laser Cataract operation in Perth
  • Inserting The Kamra Corneal Inlay for Reading difficulties
  • Inserting the New Symfony lens to remove dependency on reading glasses

Refractive Lensectomy is a procedure similar to cataract surgery and it involves removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing with an artificial lens to improve the vision. There are a number of lens implants used including Multifocal and Monofocal Refractive Intraocular Lens Implants such as the Restor, Zeiss trifocal and Symfony intraocular lens.

Dr Paul also has extensive experience in phakic intraocular lenses, which are an additional lens added to the eye to improve the focusing power including the implantable contact lens.

Lens implants are a suitable option for individuals not suited to LASIK and/or who have very high refractive error (glasses prescription).

WA Laser Eye Centre also provides the latest in laser assisted cataract surgery, using the new LensX Femtosecond laser. The role of femtosecond lasers in cataract surgery is to assist or replace several aspects of the manual cataract surgery.

Keratoconus patients can be treated with Kerarings, Intacs or Corneal crosslinking at WA Laser Eye Centre.

If you’ve been thinking about laser vision correction and want a lifestyle independent of glasses or contact lenses, the first step is to contact us at WA Laser Eye Centre, to schedule a FREE appointment and discuss your treatment options.

Dr Paul reminds everyone that Lasik is an approved medical procedure and patients should be careful of choosing low cost centres claiming they use the latest and safest technology, as outdated techniques with prolonged recovery are often used.

Our refractive consultants are available to assist with treatment bookings and can provide information on our Interest Free Finance Options.

BUPA Ultimate Cover will pay for your Laser eye surgery with Dr Paul.

Please contact us today – maybe you’ll see life in a whole new way.

For more information on Laser Eye Surgery, you can also visit the Better Health website or Wiki.


About Dr Robert Paul MBBS FRANZCO

Dr Paul is the Medical Director, and Principal Surgeon at WA Laser Eye Centre & one of Perth’s most experienced & qualified refractive surgeons, & the first to perform live surgery at an International meeting. He was also the first surgeon in WA to have formal higher training in Laser Eye Surgery & the first surgeon to perform the Intralase (Bladeless) procedure at St John of God Murdoch. Dr Paul was also the first surgeon to insert approved Phakic Intraocular lenses.

Awards & Credits
  • Awarded the Helen Jane Lamard Prize by the University of WA for being the best in Surgery in 1992.
  • He was an examiner of Canadian Ophthalmologists and Western Australian medical students.
  • He trained Eye Surgeons as an Ophthalmology Consultant at Fremantle Hospital 2002 -2007
  • He is a mentor for Fellowship training in laser refractive surgery.
  • He is the Treasurer of the WA Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO).
  • He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of NSW.